We are surrounded by inspirational messages about clean living and exercise.  And as much as we would love to live our lives according to the Inspo messages we scowl at on Instagram, it’s not that easy to prioritise your workout when you’ve got to get into work early to catch up on prep for your 9am meeting, and after work birthday drinks to attend /long overdue visit to Grandma/a family to feed/a car crash Tinder date to endure.  You barely find time to remember to put the washing machine on a spin cycle before work, let alone finding time to squeeze in spinning.

And it’s much cheaper to put marmite on your crumpet in the mornings than avocado on your sourdough.

Living life like an aspirational blogger is unrealistic, and measuring yourself up against these levels of perfection is just setting yourself up for failure.  I am an ordinary, busy 28 year old, on a mission to build healthy food and exercise into the 9-5 daily grind, without compromising my bank balance or my social life too much.  Wish me luck.  Watch me fail spectacularly.


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