Class Wars: Cycle 45 @ Another_Space

The Class: 

Cycle 45 @ Another Space in Covent Garden.  There are multiple classes dotted throughout day, and I went to the 12 noon class on a Sunday.  Easy to reach from Covent Garden or Tottenham Court Road tube.


Classes aren’t cheap.  You can buy one class for £20, or a block of classes at a slightly discounted rate.  The cheapest is a block of 20 which works out at £16.25 per class, to be used over 12 months.  There are a couple of month passes available, (a 9 pack pass for £120, or a 6 pack pass for £90, which works out at £13 per class and £15 respectively), which would be a winner for proper spin enthusiasts who live or work nearby.

Booking is super simple, and the website is incredibly user friendly.  I am a big fan of booking your bike in advance, so you can choose your favourite spot (middle row, by the wall, obviously) and with a little coordination you can ensure you can spin next to your mate rather than landing up next to a super fit super intense model shaped goddess, and spending the whole class trying to stop staring at her thighs and internally crying at your own inadequacy.

Sweat levels: 

Think Atlantic ocean. Thank god they provide towels.


Mark is a compelling instructor.  He strikes that perfect chord somewhere between motivational shouting and peppy cheerleader, without straying into scary drill sergeant.  This is only enhanced by the playlist, which is banging and current, and is sufficient to distract you from the (inevitable) spin fatigue.  The boy clearly knows his stuff, and at one point he had the whole room spontaneously whooping with enthusiasm.  Even, to my own total surprise, me.


Great bikes, great spin room, great music, great lighting. Great great great. On booking, you tell them your shoe size and you are provided on arrival with a pair of cleats which clip on to your bike, which is a vast improvement on the strappy spin bike pedals I am used to.  (Although don’t do what I did and arrive sweating and panting 30 seconds before the class starts, as it is damn difficult working out how to clip yourself in when its pitch black and the instructor is yelling “30 seconds to go” at the front of the class).

The changing rooms are also top notch, and they have friendly signs offering to provide you with any essentials you may have forgotten to pack.

All the staff were friendly and helpful.  And they also have a smoothie bar where you can grab yourself some protein on the way out.

I only have one very slight criticism, which is that the hairdryers and GHDs are a little battered and bruised and don’t quite pack the usual GHD punch as a result, so whilst I didn’t leave with wet hair I did leave with ever so slightly frizzy hair.  #firstworldproblems


As a general rule, I hate spin with a passion that burns almost as much as your crotch does after a class.  I was dragged to this class, not quite kicking and screaming, but definitely mumbling passive-aggressively, and I am so glad I caved to the peer pressure on this one.

Extra snaps for the upper body weighted interlude, turning the class from lower body focus to whole body.

I can’t wait to go again.



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